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Verdicts & Settlements
"$2,073,373.80 jury verdict against national retail store for negligent operation of a cart resulting in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome to client." - (2017)
"$2,000,000.00 settlement reached during jury selection for client who was struck on left foot by an employee operating a merchandising cart at a retail store resulting in a serious neurological injury to client. " - (2014)
"$1,900,000.00 recovered for families for the wrongful death of their 2 children arising out of a drunk driving auto accident." - (2010)
"$3,400,000.00 settlement against a school district on behalf of 4 victims of sexual abuse by their school principal." - (2016)

Fresno Wrongful Death Lawyers

The wrongful death of a family member or loved one is one of the most tragic consequences of negligent or criminal behavior. When the negligence of another leads to the death of someone you love, you need an attorney who can protect you and your rights and help you put your life back in order after such a devastating loss. Attorney Jacob J. Rivas has dedicated his professional career to helping the victims of wrongful death receive the compensation and representation they need. For additional information, you may also want to review information about wrongful death monetary damages.


Handling the sudden and unexpected death of a loved one is a difficult and devastating experience to those who loved and cared for them in life. At Jacob J. Rivas’ Fresno law firm, our clients receive the compassionate, caring representation they need to navigate the complicated legal issues surrounding the wrongful death of a loved one. For more information, please review information on who can file a wrongful death suit.


The negligence of a medical facility or caregiver or the failure of an individual to provide safe conditions can lead to serious injury or death. When someone you love has died due to an accident caused by the negligence of another, you need an attorney who will help you receive compensation while providing you with the sympathetic and compassionate care you need during such a difficult time. For additional information, you may also want to review information about how to find an experienced wrongful death law firm.

No matter what the personal circumstances of your claim may be, you can be confident that Fresno attorney Jacob J. Rivas can represent your case the way you want it to be represented and will listen to you, your concerns, and your needs at all times. Mr. Rivas has the knowledge and skill you need to be sure that your legal issues are being handled in a responsible way that allows you to focus on yourself, your family, and putting your life back in order after a loss.

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