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Verdicts & Settlements
"$2,073,373.80 jury verdict against national retail store for negligent operation of a cart resulting in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome to client." - (2017)
"$2,000,000.00 settlement reached during jury selection for client who was struck on left foot by an employee operating a merchandising cart at a retail store resulting in a serious neurological injury to client. " - (2014)
"$1,900,000.00 recovered for families for the wrongful death of their 2 children arising out of a drunk driving auto accident." - (2010)
"$3,400,000.00 settlement against a school district on behalf of 4 victims of sexual abuse by their school principal." - (2016)

Driver Responsibility Under California Law


California, like all states, has an extensive system of laws governing driving and driver responsibility. In addition to basic traffic common sense and safety, California has several laws that are designed to improve driver responsibility and safety in Fresno and surrounding areas.

Under California traffic laws, a driver cited for a driving law violation may be offered the option of attending a Traffic Violator School. Drivers who participate will have their violation dismissed; a driver is only eligible to participate once in any 18-month period. Participants in the course learn traffic safety, driver responsibility and California driving laws.

Older drivers are also offered protection under California’s laws. A license may be renewed for five years.  Drivers over 70 years old cannot renew their license by mail.


Penalties for driving under the influence are especially severe in California, which has a high rate of accidents involving DUI. Jail, fines, license suspension, mandatory alcohol education and even community service are among the punishments that may be imposed for a first offense. A second offense results in mandatory jail time or a community service alternative, lengthier license suspension and attendance at alcohol school for eighteen to thirty months. A DUI conviction stays on a driving record for seven years. If the driver fails to appear in connection with his DUI, it remains on his record for ten years. And of course a DUI conviction will result in a substantial increase in insurance premiums for as long as the DUI is on a driving record.

There are various ways to insure a car in California, including an automobile insurance policy, a cash deposit with the Department of Motor Vehicles, a surety bond from an insurance company licensed to do business in California or, for fleet owners, self insurance. Uninsured / underinsured motorists coverage is not required under California law. Insurance companies may also exclude a driver living in a household from coverage under the policy covering that household’s automobiles.

California traffic laws are designed to enhance safety and driver responsibility. If you have been injured in an auto accident in Fresno, contact the Law Office of Jacob J. Rivas for a free initial consultation. Call us at Phone: 559-263-9667 or toll free or contact us online.