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Verdicts & Settlements
"$2,073,373.80 jury verdict against national retail store for negligent operation of a cart resulting in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome to client." - (2017)
"$2,000,000.00 settlement reached during jury selection for client who was struck on left foot by an employee operating a merchandising cart at a retail store resulting in a serious neurological injury to client. " - (2014)
"$1,900,000.00 recovered for families for the wrongful death of their 2 children arising out of a drunk driving auto accident." - (2010)
"$3,400,000.00 settlement against a school district on behalf of 4 victims of sexual abuse by their school principal." - (2016)

Finding the Right Wrongful Death Attorney in Fresno

Having the right attorney represent you in your wrongful death lawsuit can make all the difference in how your claim is handled and resolved. Wrongful death claims are difficult and emotional for everyone involved, making attorney selection for your case even more important. Fresno attorney Jacob J. Rivas offers these suggestions for finding the right attorney to represent you in a wrongful death lawsuit in Fresno.

  • Dedicated wrongful death attorney — Wrongful death claims are unique in both the legal issues they involve as well as the emotional toll they take on the people involved. An attorney who has a practice dedicated to representing the family and loved ones of wrongful death victims will understand clients’ emotional needs and will be able to provide the compassionate and caring representation a wrongful death lawsuit requires. When searching for a lawyer, be sure to look for attorneys who have experience handling wrongful death claims and understand the unique challenges they present.
  • An attorney who listens and understands — An important factor in determining whether an attorney is right for you and your claim is whether or not your lawyer takes the time to listen and understand your concerns and needs. No matter how complex your case may be, the right attorney for you will take the time to listen and be able to address your concerns and needs to help your case be handled in the way you want it to be.
  • Comfort and respect — In any legal claim or lawsuit, you should feel comfortable and respected by your attorney and the people who work in the law firm at all times. When looking for an attorney to litigate your claim, you should make sure that you feel comfortable and respected at all times and that you feel confident in the way your attorney will handle your case.

By taking the time to research and find the right attorney to handle your wrongful death claim, you can ensure that you receive the best representation and treatment possible. The right attorney will treat you with respect, understand your needs and concerns, and make you feel confident and comfortable in the way your claim is handled.

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