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Verdicts & Settlements
"$2,073,373.80 jury verdict against national retail store for negligent operation of a cart resulting in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome to client." - (2017)
"$2,000,000.00 settlement reached during jury selection for client who was struck on left foot by an employee operating a merchandising cart at a retail store resulting in a serious neurological injury to client. " - (2014)
"$1,900,000.00 recovered for families for the wrongful death of their 2 children arising out of a drunk driving auto accident." - (2010)
"$3,400,000.00 settlement against a school district on behalf of 4 victims of sexual abuse by their school principal." - (2016)

The Merced brain injury lawyers at Rivas Law comprise some of the business’s most caring and successful attorneys. Traumatic brain injuries are, after all, traumatic. They carry the typical losses and damages as most other personal injury cases and take a far higher physical and emotional toll on the injured person and those who care for them. Due to the excessive trauma associated with TBIs (Traumatic Brain Injuries), our Merced brain injury lawyers take extra care when representing the injured in a court of law. With us, you can rest assured that your legal representation is doing everything within its power to ensure you get the justice you deserve. So, if you or a loved one has recently suffered a TBI, don’t hesitate to contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

Merced Traumatic Brain Injury Attorneys

A disproportionate number of traumatic brain injury survivors require extensive care and can often return to work following their injury. As unfortunate as TBIs (Traumatic Brain Injuries) are, the injury in question only qualifies for a lawsuit if it meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • The injured party suffered financial losses due to their injury, including loss of wages, medical bills, and more
  • Another person, organization, or product caused the TBI in question

Even if you’re unsure whether your case meets the above criteria, contact us for a no-obligation concentration. Your situation may still qualify.

Merced Brain Injury Law Firm

First and foremost, the attorneys at our Merced brain injury law firm care about our clients. We take the time to make sure each client is as comfortable as possible throughout the entire legal process. Our attorneys fully understand how challenging TBIs can be, and we take pride in caring for our clients going through these trying moments of their lives.

Besides our caring staff of attorneys, our Merced brain injury law firm wins for our clients. We fight aggressively in the courtroom and have even won awards for our legal prowess in personal injury law. So, when you hire a lawyer from our firm, you can expect to get an attorney who fights aggressively for you while also making sure you’re as comfortable as possible throughout the process. Contact us to learn more about how we fight for you and get started on your case today.

Traumatic Brain Injury Cases In Merced

During typical traumatic brain injury cases in Merced, three types of damages are often associated. Those different types of damages and expenses include:

  • Lost wages
  • Extensive medical bills
  • General pain and suffering experienced

Besides the three general damages listed above, our attorneys could argue several other potential damages and expenses in a court of law. However, most other types of damages are exceptionally case-specific, and the only way to know for sure is to contact us to get started with your no-obligation consultation.

Types Of Traumatic Brain Injuries

There are several different types of traumatic brain injuries, and they happen for various reasons. However, the most common causes of TBIs are violence, slips, falls, chemical exposure, work hazards, and contact sports (like football).

Since brain injuries vary in scope and level of impairment, medical professionals typically place TBIs into one of the following categories:

  • Contusions – The term “contusion” is the medical terminology for a bruise. Contusions of the brain often lead to swelling, clots, and hematomas.
  • Concussions – Concussions happen when the brain bounces off the inside of the skull. Symptoms include confusion, headache, nausea, vomiting, disorientation, and loss of consciousness.
  • Diffuse Axonal – These injuries involve the tearing of nerve tissues within the brain. Symptoms vary depending on the area of the brain injured.
  • Coup-Countrecoup – Multiple contusions (bruises) at the site of impact (the coup) and where the brain bounced off the opposite side of the skull (the contrecoup). Symptoms are similar to those for concussions and contusions, as listed above.
  • Penetration – These TBIs occur whenever a foreign object (or even the patient’s skull) penetrates one or more brain areas. As with diffuse axonal injuries, symptoms vary depending on the area of the brain affected.

Contact Our Merced Brain Injury Lawyers Today!

At Rivas Law, our team of Merced brain injury lawyers always stands by to take your case. Our attorneys have earned countless 5-star reviews from clients and regularly win for our clients in court. If you or a loved one has recently suffered a traumatic brain injury, you’ve come to the right firm. Get in touch with our team of professional, well-educated, and caring Merced brain injury lawyers to get started with your no-obligation consultation today. We’re always standing by to take your case and fight aggressively for you and your interests in a court of law.