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Protect Yourself When Dealing With Negligence

Negligence. The easiest way to understand the purpose of a person injury attorney is to understand negligence. When it comes to personal injury cases, negligence is when a person, company, or other entity infringes upon your wellbeing by acting carelessly. You can claim that negligence was the main driving force behind your injury, but proving this can be not easy. This point is where a personal injury lawyer can help strengthen your case. When you hire a personal injury lawyer, they get to work determining the exact nature of the other party’s negligence. At the same time, they ensure that the opposing team does not lead you astray.

Personal Injury Attorneys Protect You

You are most vulnerable towards the beginning of a personal injury suit, especially without an attorney at your side. For example, insurance agencies use this time to get as much information from you as possible. They then take this information and try to pin your current injuries on past medical issues. A personal injury attorney makes sure that insurance companies only have access to the information that is legally relevant to your recent accident. Your attorney’s job is to notify you of your legal rights and ensure that neither the opposing legal team nor anyone else takes advantage of your vulnerable situation.

Defining Negligence

When it comes to resolving your case, your attorney will first attempt to determine the nature of the negligence. Take, for example, two separate car accidents. In one case, the accident results from a momentary distraction on the part of the at-fault party. In the second case, the at-fault party was driving under the influence of alcohol. This action then resulted in the accident. As you might expect, these two cases of negligence are not categorically identical. The at-fault party in the first case is guilty of ordinary negligence, while the drunk driver is guilty of what is known as gross negligence.

Determining Negligence

The primary job of a personal injury attorney is to represent you and your case during litigation. This job begins long before trial, as attorneys must first do the research necessary to determine the facts of your case. After your attorney has reviewed your case and determined what kind of negligence they believe was at play during your accident, it’s time to prove it. However, it is only after having a comprehensive view of your case can your attorney present a convincing case on your behalf.

Of course, the bulk of a personal injury attorney’s work takes place in a courtroom. It is here that your legal representation is most important, as choosing the right lawyer for the case makes all of the difference. During a trial, your attorney’s primary objective is to represent you and your case in a way that ensures that you receive the maximum compensation you deserve. This part of the job includes exposing the full extent of the defendant’s negligence to the court and judge.

How Do You Choose A Personal Injury attorney?

As a key part of your legal defense, you leave yourself vulnerable without a personal injury attorney. At the same time, the wrong attorney could do more harm than good. That is why, when it comes to preparing for your injury case, hiring proper representation is key. Hiring an experienced and proven attorney is as critical a part of the process as anything else. If you’re preparing for your injury trial, make sure you contact the team at Law Office of Jacob J. Rivas. We specialize in personal injury cases resulting from workplace accidents, car accidents, construction mishaps and much more! With our years of experience and several satisfied clients, you can trust us to accurately and effectively represent your case.


Verdicts & Settlements
"$2,073,373.80 jury verdict against national retail store for negligent operation of a cart resulting in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome to client." - (2017)
"$2,000,000.00 settlement reached during jury selection for client who was struck on left foot by an employee operating a merchandising cart at a retail store resulting in a serious neurological injury to client. " - (2014)
"$1,900,000.00 recovered for families for the wrongful death of their 2 children arising out of a drunk driving auto accident." - (2010)
"$3,400,000.00 settlement against a school district on behalf of 4 victims of sexual abuse by their school principal." - (2016)